The EPICS™ Academy

 I felt there was the very real need to help many more people understand video techniques, cameras and equipment and improve your video making skills.

There are many skills to learn before making great looking videos. The good news is these skills can be taught. If you like the idea of learning what to do properly, and how to change your video output for the better, then a read of this book is vital and also take a look at the website.

You may be:

  • a corporate user required to make videos to promote your company image, yet you have no training so far.
  • a keen non professional with a great deal of expensive equipment and a passion for making films, or perhaps
  • A professional photographer

John Keedwell GBCT – August 2013

The EPICS™ Academy:

Video in its many forms has become a major part in the communication revolution. It is now so vital to use video as it relays the message much more elaborately than the written word can. It has been said a pSony F5 Cameraicture paints a thousand words, well video does that and much more with sound and music.

Many professional people now also use a larger proportion of video material as a part of their online presence, in their corporate strategies, at seminar presentations, and all clients’ testimonials are now almost always shown using video. It is this aspect of video that I am examining closely in this book.

This is not a book about how to become the next independent moviemaker (although many of the principles I will introduce to you in this book would be extremely useful to you). It is a book about communicating ideas, educating, getting a message across and ultimately creating a rapport with a client to communicate with on an ongoing basis.

The Reason For Writing Get The Message Now?!?

The catalyst that drove me to create this book was due to witnessing many seminars and individual speakers being dramatically let down by showing poor quality video output. As part of on-going personal learning over the past few years I have experienced many excellent talks with many speakers selling products for several thousands of pounds at a time. Part of the presentation can contain video testimonials showing many happy customers. One presentation in particular sticks in my mind, although there have been many since then, I can assure you!

This particular presenter had been talking for perhaps an hour or more, he was giving the audience extremely valuable information he had done all the hard work of explaining the features and benefits, and the audience was in the palm of his hand. Many people around me were exhibiting heavy buying signals by reaching for their wallets and purses. That was up until the testimonial videos came on screen . . . He then showed a three-minute video designed to create a call to action to buy his product. These videos were extremely poorly shot, badly underexposed, along with extremely poor sound quality.

Before this, the audience were eagerly getting their credit cards out to pay, then they sat there frozen and open mouthed when the video played. All of those people around me then put their credit cards away as the video testimonials instantly took them out of the buying state they were in. It was literally like turning off a switch in the audience who were previously opening their wallets and basically saying “help yourself!”

The potential clients all quickly and collectively decided not to buy his product! The perception was perhaps “Why should I spend upwards of £2,500 on this product when the video he is showing me is extremely poor quality? If his product is like his video maybe there is the same lack of care in his product.” I can only tell you what I saw that day but it was quite remarkable how many people looked around extremely embarrassed they had even considered buying his product!

How many sales have YOU lost through presenting a poor video to your audience? You probably won’t ever know!

Don’t Get Left Behind

If you are in a business and don’t have an Internet based video in the marketplace it will be regarded in the same way as not having a website was a few years back. People are expecting video to be on your website now, whereas a few years ago it was a novelty.

Video has a very real impact on the way potential customers view the world, it influences their mood, creates a first impression, and can demonstrate aspects of your product or service in an effective and fresh way. It helps your target audience with a unique and fresh understanding of the message you are to convey, and can rapidly explain the concept in minutes rather than hours of detailed written explanation.

Branding is vital nowadays to stand out above competitors in this highly competitive world and communicating your message fully is essential from the outset. From the initial attraction, a video presentation gives an enhanced cred­ibility if produced in a professional looking manner, and can lead the prospect through to the important sales message.

Further to this, personal branding can be enhanced if the speaker is fully utilising the power of video as a seminar or conference introduction. A slickly produced video with a pounding soundtrack can excite the audience and create a frame of mind within the audience that will be impossible to induce with just the written word in a printed programme. If you have ever seen Tony Robbins on stage you will know what I mean.

Video is a superb 21st century tool that can be used in many ways. The possibilities for businesses are endless and a whole new world of opportunity is waiting for those who embrace the idea. By teaching you some of the many skills required to produce a video you will be able to competently create a compelling and entertaining moving image that delivers your message. A video can be working for you 24/7 around the world, bringing you clients and sales you could have potentially lost due to not reacting quickly enough. The potential is virtually endless.

However this comes with a warning! Just because some­thing is accessible and inexpensive it doesn’t make the skill level of the operator any better! It only takes changing a few elements and your video presentations can improve tre­mendously without costing you any financial outlay, or perhaps only very little. That was the reason this book was written specially for you.

Getting good video results is like anything else—it all looks so easy when you know how, and is extremely frustrating when you don’t know how. It is like looking at a magnificent rainbow and only having a black and white camera to capture the image. It’s like giving a paint brush and some oil paints to someone and expecting them to paint like Rembrandt, Turner, Constable or Vermeer.

Bad Video

There’s an old wise saying, If a tree falls over in the forest and nobody is there to witness it does it make any noise? It’s the same with the video (or any art for that matter), if your video is not being shown to anyone it may as will not exist. Bad video gets turned off, normally extremely quickly nowadays.

Nobody now sits down to watch bad video like many did with 8 mm movies of the past. This is where your next-door neighbours invite you next-door to show you a film of their holiday in Bridlington that year, with a voice-over supplied by Jack whilst the film runs in a clattering projector. “This is us by the hotel. This is us on a donkey on the beach etc.”

Now a video can go viral around the globe. This is where a video is shared naturally between friends and the viewing becomes enormous around the world within a few weeks. A virally-spread video publicises your product or your service free, because people want to show it to other people, so if you make an entertaining video that people want to share it will ultimately be a good vehicle for your message. If you want to be visible you will now need to use video in one form or another.

Who Is ‘Get the Message Now?!?‘  Made For?

It’s safe to say there are many conventional reasons why people make individual videos, one reason may be a simple record of a child’s birthday party, a graduation ceremony or perhaps a wedding. The trend in social media is also possibly the biggest reason for sharing many joyous events with your friends around the world.

However, one of the most important reasons apart from the above is to use video to promote sales of a product or service, and it is this area I will be concentrating on throughout this book. The main reason is the immense power a well-made video will produce for your message to be seen around the world.

One of the following scenarios may well cover your particular situation:

1/ You may have never used a video camera before, yet you have a good interest in knowing more. In which case…

This book is for you . . .

2 /You have a separate video camera, and you like to use it, yet you don’t really know how it works and how to edit it.

This book is for you . . .

3/ You may be a keen film-maker, or perhaps a keen stills photographer with a DSLR camera. You have looked into video as the camera can record it, and you want to learn the new skills for video, yet the technology baffles you somewhat.

This book is for you . . .

4/ You may be using a reasonably high-end video camera and now want to make it into a business, yet find your production’s lacking in many areas.

5/ You are in corporate world, or perhaps even in broadcast TV, and you are asked to film more and more, and you want to  do a better job before they find you out!

6/ You are incredibly wealthy and you want the very best in individual tuition.  Money is no barrier, and you would like to fly me to your palace to have individual tailored tutoring for as long as it takes.  This book is definitely for you, and I will also strongly refer you to for an individual discussion